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                    We have included some interesting books we feel you may be interested in.  These books apply military tactical and strategic doctrine to the field of business.  A review of the literature shows that many of today's successful companies have applied military game theory in their application of business principles learned in school.  Many phrases used in business come from the military sector.



                    Our function is to make our clients C.O.M.B.A.T ready and be more successful in the marketplace.  We use game theory to enhance our training.  Our training game model is straight forward:

                    1.)    We use a Metaphorical 'Corporate Carrier' called the USS FAL4CON.  Our role is to move 'on-station' within a designated marketplace and conduct 'launch and recovery' operations;

                    2.)    We help our clients to develop their own 'A.I.R.craft' which represent their own marketing 'Plan[e]s to be launced into the marketplace;

                    3.)    We help our clients develop and train their own 'Special Forces' team which will serve as the basis of their internal on-going support team;

                    4.)     We help our clients conduct 'Submarine Operations' as a way to gathering intelligence in the marketplace and to better understand their competition;

                    5.)    We help our clients identify 'Call Signs' for their own 'Corporate Carrier' and for their own 'A.I.R.craft';

                    6.)    We help our clients to become 'Captains-of-Industry'; and,

                    7.)    We we help our clients become better 'P.I.L.O.T.'s'


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