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Welcome to our Site:


                    Our Virtual Office Facility is this Website.

Our goals are as follows:

          1.) To assist the small business owner in better becoming more efficient and effective in moving its products and services into the marketplace;

          2.) To assist the small business owner in better receiving onto it' 'Operational Deck' RFP's, Proposals, and Business Opportunities crucial to its financial success;

          3.) to understand how the 'military industrial complex' has impacted the private sector business community; and,

          4.) Provide counseling and technical assistance to the small business community where applicable.


                    United Systems Institute, Inc. (USI) is a non-profit/tax-exempt 501(c)3 California foundation serving the public sector Internet Community.  USI is the contracted manager of this website. All revenue generated through this website help support USI in its Internet Community efforts.  USI leases office, phone, and computer support from Management Training Teams, Inc..  Your purchases through or donations to our website are greatly appreciated.

                   Management Training Teams, Inc. (MTT), a California corporation is the owner of this website and has allowed USI to use this website as its public service office platform.  MTT has been serving the Private Sector/Business Community since 1974.    

                    Dr. Sanchez served as an officer in the U.S. Military during the Vietnam Era War and returned to the United States to complete his post graduate work at San Diego State University and his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Author of his classroom workbook "What Shape is Your Ship?",  Dr Sanchez has worked with young executives in developing their entrepreneurial skills.  He is also the former host of the TV program 'Business-to-Business'.  He has served as adjunct faculty at San Diego State University, Webster University and National University.

                    Dr. Sanchez has worked with officials at the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Defense Contract and Acquisition Service Management Administration (DCASMA).  His classroom workbook titles were "What Shape is Your Ship?"; "Top Gun II"; and, "The Blue Island Project".  He is currently working on his weight management workbook titled:  "In search of Charlie Calorie"

                    Our virtual facility on the Internet is a metaphorical Corporate Carrier™ with call sign - the USS FAL4CON.  Every week we move on-Station within the Internet 'C' and conduct 'Launch and Recovery Operations'.  Every day, we line up our 'A.I.R.craft' and conduct our 'Approach Control' procedures.  Launched 'A.I.R.craft are F-18's (1 Page Flyer: Model 18); F-22's (2 Page Flyer: Model 22); and Other designated 'Black' birds.  All 'P.I.L.O.Ts' are required to to brief and debrief every flight and be fully aware of their 'A.I.R.craft' Design.

                    We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your small business/organizational development needs.                 



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